Straighter teeth and happier smiles

If you feel confident about your smile, you can express yourself without worrying about how you look and life feels a lot more enjoyable. Are crooked, crowded or poorly spaced teeth making you self-conscious about your appearance? If you are unhappy about misaligned teeth, you might like to consider having braces in North London. At Denchic Dental Spa in North London, braces have been literally life-changing for people who were previously feeling awkward about their smiles, hiding their teeth and feeling ill at ease. Teeth that are out of place can also cause other difficulties.

Braces in North LondonWhy should I have braces?

Apart from diminishing the beauty of your smile, crooked teeth can affect your oral health. Misaligned teeth are harder to clean, as there are more spaces for plaque to accumulate. Having clean teeth avoids gum problems and keeps your teeth strong, as well as preventing issues such as bad breath. Having braces at an early age, usually when there is a mixture of adult and baby teeth, ensures that the teeth and jaw develop normally. However, if you are an adult who has missed out on corrective procedures as a child, it is not too late to benefit from braces in North London.

Options to suit everyone

For many of our patients in North London, braces have been a great solution to crooked teeth. We know that you want results fast and that you do not want to worry about the visual impact of braces. Modern procedures including clear, tooth-coloured or invisible braces and aligners such as Invisalign mean that having straighter teeth is less obtrusive, faster and more comfortable than before. If you choose the Six Month Smiles technique, you really can have a brand new smile in a matter of months. We offer interest-free finance, which enables you to spread to spread the cost of your treatment if necessary, so having straighter teeth and a more attractive smile really is an option for everyone.

Join the hundreds of our patients who have benefitted from braces in North London and get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.

I want straighter teeth!

If you want a straighter smile, but you don’t want the long-term commitment of traditional metal braces, it may be worth considering Six Month Smiles braces in North London.

We can offer these ‘invisible’ braces for older teens and adults who want to cosmetically straighten the teeth that show when you smile, known as the ‘social six’.

Braces in North LondonSix Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a short-term brace treatment that can give our patients better, straighter smiles in six months or less. Six Month Smiles is a faster, simpler, more attractive choice for moving your front teeth into their correct position.

Having crooked teeth isn’t just a smile flaw, either. Overlapping and crowded teeth are more likely to trap bacteria and food, which increases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Straightening your teeth with Six Month Smiles braces in North London won’t only add beauty to your smile, they will also improve your oral health.

Six Month Smiles advantages

What a difference six months can make with these unique invisible braces in North London! Our cosmetic dentists at Denchic Dental Spa offer Six Month Smiles to patients seeking smile makeovers as well as better dental health. There are many advantages to this revolutionary system.

The brackets and wires used with Six Month Smiles will match the colour of your teeth, making the braces appear ‘invisible’ to most people.

Six Month Smiles also uses low forces to gently glide your teeth into the optimal alignment for your mouth.

Six Month Smiles is known is also be more comfortable than traditional metal braces, which can poke, prod and aggravate your gums and impact your teeth. Invisible braces in North London are less likely to cause root damage.

Are they expensive?

Another reason to choose Six Month Smiles is the cost. At Denchic Dental Spa, our prices start from just £1,500, making them a more affordable option than other teeth straightening procedures. We are also offering 15% off all our clear braces in North London, as well as complimentary whitening and a free electric toothbrush. As if that wasn’t enough, we can even offer a 0% finance option to help spread the cost of your treatment over 12 months.

Brace yourself for bright smiles in North London

Cosmetic braces are a great choice if you are an adult who would like straighter teeth, or the parent of a self-conscious teenager who would like to correct alignment issues, without having to wear metal ‘train track’ braces.

Here at Denchic Dental Spa in North London, braces come in a variety of forms, each aiming to fulfil a particular alignment issue or lifestyle need. These braces can straighten your teeth discreetly and quickly, without them dominating your mouth and making them the first topic of conversation with everyone you interact with.

Braces in North LondonWhy bother?

If you only have mildly misaligned teeth, you may think that getting them straightened with braces in North London makes you vain, so you will be glad to hear that this is in fact an act of self-care on several levels.

From an oral health point of view, straighter teeth are easier to keep clean. Straightening your teeth will therefore reduce your changes of tooth decay and infection, and needing to invest in expensive replacement options such as dental implants.

On a mental wellbeing level, having straight teeth will probably increase the amount of smiling and laughing you do. This increases your serotonin levels, making you feel happier and helping to smooth your path through life.

One of the treatments we offer is called Six Month Smiles, which combines the latest teeth straightening innovations and techniques with principles that have been developed over many years. This means you will know that the engineering will work and your teeth will move in a predictable manner. Using small clear ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured wires will make your braces almost unnoticeable.

Along with these discreet treatment materials comes a much shorter treatment time, taking, on average, just 6 months, hence the name of these braces in North London. Six Month Smiles work so quickly because, unlike standard braces, they only focus on the front teeth – those that show when you smile.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in exploring, it’s worth booking an appointment with us. We can carefully assess you to ascertain whether Six Months Smiles would work for you, or whether another braces system would be a better option.

21st century braces

Metal is not the only material used in braces in North London. At Denchic Dental Spa, we have several systems for teeth straightening that are more discreet and comfortable. Why not come along for a no-obligation consultation and find out more about how these appliances could help.

Teeth straightening focuses on aligning your teeth and your bite. This field has seen a great deal of research and development over the past 30 years. This has resulted in a much wider choice of materials and methods, and treatments taking much less time. This increase in options has led to more and more adults getting their teeth straightened, either because they never had the chance to undergo such treatment as a child, or because their teeth have shifted since they had treatment as a young teen.

Braces in North LondonWhat we can do for you

At Denchic Dental Spa, we appreciate that the standard metal braces may not be what you want and we listen to your concerns about wearing braces in North London. To be honest, traditional appliances are really only needed in serious cases where the dentist needs maximum control over the movement of each and every tooth, and the bite is out of alignment as well as the teeth.

For you as the wearer, the main problem with metal braces is that they are very hard to miss in your mouth. Their glaring presence can be as hard to bear for many adults as having crooked teeth. Metal braces are also seen as uncomfortable,  although advancing techniques and materials are making them less so. They are also seen as taking longer to do their work.

That’s why we offer a range of discreet braces in North London. In terms of fixed appliances, we use Six Month Smiles, which are designed to correct minor to moderate issues with the front teeth. These fixed appliances are made of clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, which means they blend into your mouth. Treatment takes, on average, just 6 months.

We also offer clear aligners, which are like very thin plastic mouth guards that fit over your teeth and can be taken out to eat and to clean, which is good for dental hygiene.

Are wonky teeth ruining your smile?

If you have teeth which are crooked, spaced too widely or crowded, you may find yourself feeling self-conscious about your smile. This can make social situations awkward and having your photograph taken difficult. If you have considered braces but dismissed the idea because you thought they would be unsightly, time-consuming, inconvenient or uncomfortable, then you may like to hear about a new range of braces. North London is home to Denchic Dental Spa and we are proud to offer techniques which will revolutionise your opinion of corrective treatment.

braces-north-londonThe subtle approach

Many people do not want to have to cope with a mouthful of metal while they have their teeth straightened. Luckily, you no longer have to, as modern methods are faster, more comfortable and less obtrusive than ever before. We offer braces in North London that fit into your lifestyle and give you the smile you dream of. The Invisalign system uses a series of almost invisible clear plastic trays that are individually made to fit your mouth. They are changed every two weeks to gently guide your teeth into a new position, and are removable so you can take them out for eating and cleaning. Inman aligners are also removable and designed specifically for your front teeth. A pair of spring-loaded aligner bars create continuous pressure to realign your teeth. The whole process is very fast and gentle and the aligner acts as a retainer once the teeth are in the correct place. Another option if you are looking for braces in North London is the Six Month Smiles technique, which uses very discreet clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires.

Why have straighter teeth?

Aside from the obvious benefits of a more attractive smile, straighter teeth are also healthier. This is because there are fewer gaps in which plaque can accumulate, so they are easier to clean, helping you avoid the risk of decay or gum problems. Having braces in North London can also help keep your teeth strong by ensuring that they in the correct position and therefore stable.

Give yourself the smile you dream of and a healthier mouth by talking to us about braces in North London today.

Are braces for me?

Let’s set the record straight. The world of dental braces has undergone a big change. Long gone are the days of fixed, unsightly metal braces and lengthy, uncomfortable treatments. Technology has enabled a revolution in the design and application of braces, widening the choices available as well as shortening treatment times. At Denchic Dental Spa in North London, braces are what we know well. Come and join the dental revolution and say goodbye to old fashioned braces and hello to a brighter, healthier smile.

Braces in North LondonSix Months Smiles is here to help

Six Month Smiles is a popular choice for braces in North London. There is an abundance of benefits to Six Month Smiles, so it’s no wonder this has become one of our bestselling treatments. Initially, when our clients hear about the Six Month Smiles treatment they often presume it is similar to traditional metal braces.

Granted, there are aspects of the treatment that are similar, such as their transformative technique through the fitting of wires and brackets, but this is where the similarity ends.

Six Month Smiles focuses on your front teeth, where the cosmetic benefits are most obvious. This targeted approach decreases the length of treatment times and also means teeth seldom need to be extracted prior to treatment. This means that there are even fewer risks of causing damage to your teeth.

Another benefit is the efficiency of Six Month Smiles braces in North London. The clue is in the name, as they do usually take, on average just 6 months. In some cases, they may take up to 9 months, but this is still a quick and efficient time frame compared to traditional braces.

Six Month Smiles are also an unobtrusive answer to braces in North London. The special nickel titanium wires are tooth-coloured and so more easily blend into the background of your teeth.

Can adults have them?

There is a preconception attached to braces that only teens can have them. Denchic Dental Spa can reveal that this is not the case. Six Month Smiles can fit straight into your life as a busy adult, whether you’re a full-time parent, or a dedicated professional.

Let us set things straight

If you are one of the people in the UK that have less than straight teeth, you may have wondered how a straight smile would look. You may have crooked or misaligned teeth, large gaps, twisted or protruding teeth. Perhaps you an overbite, underbite or a crossbite.

Teeth that do not fit together correctly are harder to keep clean and are at risk of being lost because of tooth decay or other dental diseases. It is now easier than you think to straighten out that smile, with braces in North London at Denchic Dental Spa.

Braces in North LondonOur dentists will diagnose, treat and prevent irregularities of the teeth with the use of cosmetic braces. Braces are fixed or removable dental appliances. These devices can be used to straighten teeth, correct an irregular bite, close unsightly gaps and bring teeth into proper alignment.

We are also happy to give our patients an Easter offer. This includes 15% off your braces in North London, complimentary teeth whitening and even a free electric toothbrush!

Invisalign cosmetic braces

One of our most popular procedures for braces in North London is Invisalign. It is an innovative new technique designed to take away the pain or discomfort of traditional metal braces. It is a system designed to realign teeth to give you that A-List celebrity smile you have been desiring.

Our braces are completely clear so no-one even needs to know you are wearing them. Imagine a life free of unappealing braces. Denchic Dental Spa has taken steps to provide Invisalign braces at an affordable price. We even offer 0% interest free credit options, with payments spread equally over 12 months.

How do they work?

Invisalign braces in North London work using clear aligners. These aligners gradually reposition your teeth over a period of between 6 to 18 months.

They are also removable so there is no need to worry about having them in for your big night out, as they can be removed in seconds. This also makes them currently the most hygienic braces available. Removing them when you eat means you won’t need to deal with food getting stuck between your teeth and your braces. Invisalign therefore gives you greater freedom to get on with your day as usual.

Grab your discount for straighter teeth this spring

At Denchic Dental Spa we love that spring feeling of renewed life and energy and to celebrate we are offering a 15% discount on clear braces in North London.

Clear braces are different from the more traditional bracket and wire braces that are fixed to your teeth. The latter use the pulling action of wires through the brackets to move the teeth.

At Denchic in North London, braces use a different mechanism that pushes teeth into position. These braces are made of rigid clear acrylic and instead of brackets and wires, they look more like mouth guards.

Braces in North LondonHow does it work?

When you come for a consultation, we will take detailed impressions of your teeth as they are now. Then, using computer programming, we’ll work out the trajectory your teeth need to follow in order for them to reach alignment.

All this information is then sent off to a laboratory that makes these clear braces. At the lab, they make a series of braces, each one of which will gently push your teeth along their path to straightness. Depending on your individual case, you will need to wear between 12 to 48 of these clear braces to get the beautiful straight teeth you desire. Each one takes about 2 weeks do its work, and then it’s on to the next one.

The great thing about clear braces is that they are almost invisible. The clear acrylic is only about 0.3millimetres thick and the braces fit so snugly over your teeth that someone would have to get very close to spot them. They won’t impair your speech either.

Because the braces are not fixed to your teeth, you can take them out to eat your meals and to brush your teeth. This means you avoid the hassle that some people have with fixed braces of getting food stuck in between your braces and your teeth.

Clear braces require discipline however. You must wear them for at least 22 hours a day if they are to move your teeth on schedule.

To find out more about clear braces in North London, call us on 0203 740 6537.

Teeth whitening in North London explained

Teeth whitening in North London with Denchic Dental Spa is a treatment that many patients are now choosing to enhance their look. We want to make it easy for you to choose this relatively simple cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Making teeth whitening a part of your beauty treatment regime means you are paying attention to your smile which forms the centre of your face. A bright smile radiates self-assurance and happiness.

teeth-whitening-north-londonHow does it work?

Teeth whitening bleaches the teeth by using a special gel. If you choose in-clinic teeth whitening in North London with us, you have the gel applied and a special light activates the whitening ingredient.

If you decide to opt for at-home whitening, we supply you with custom-made trays. These are formed using impressions of your teeth to ensure they fit snugly and that the product you use will not leak. You wear them for a few hours each day or overnight for around two weeks to see great results.

Who is suitable?

Almost everyone is suitable for teeth whitening as long as they have healthy, clean teeth. If you need a visit to the hygienist and a polish, it is advisable to have this done prior to whitening so that the gel can work directly on the surface of your teeth. Any cavities need to be seen to as well, so that the gel cannot get into any holes.

There are some marks that do not respond well to teeth whitening. These are called intrinsic stains that are built into the teeth. One of our team will let you know if this is your situation, and provide possible alternatives to standard teeth whitening for improving your smile.

It is not advisable to have teeth whitening if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The procedure is safe but there are lots of changes going on in the body during these time periods and some of those affect the teeth. On balance, it is better to wait before you have this treatment under these circumstances.

For similar reasons, teeth whitening is not advised for young people under the age of 18. The teeth are still forming and changing, so it is best to let them finish doing that before applying any kind of bleaching agent.

Your experience with Denchic Dental Spa

At Denchic Dental Spa, we want to create a different experience for our patients. We understand that, for many, visiting the dentist is, at best, a chore and, at worst, a difficult experience. We think that we can help to change this. The environment and processes that we offer mean that you can feel relaxed, happy and calm about your treatment.

braces-in-north-londonHow does this apply to braces?

We believe it is vital to create this kind of atmosphere patients choosing long-term treatments,like braces. When you have your teeth straightened, you commit to an extended relationship with your dentist that involves several appointments over a period of months or, possibly, years. Regardless of the method you choose for your braces in North London, moving the teeth is a gradual process that must be done gently to cause minimal discomfort.

What are your concerns?

Every patient is different and, at Denchic Dental Spa, we want to tailor your experience to suit you. You can feel comfortable sharing any concerns with us. The more we know, the more we can do to help.

At our clinic in North London, braces are one of our popular treatments. This means we have experience listening to patients who are undergoing this process. Common concerns often revolve around levels of discomfort, length of treatment, visibility of braces and costs. We can address all of these at your first few appointments.

Addressing common concerns about braces in North London

Whichever method of straightening you choose, there is the potential for some mild discomfort at first. This is usually easy to alleviate with over-the-counter medication.

If costs are a big concern for you, we can give you a detailed breakdown of expected costs early on in the process. This means you can budget for your treatment. We may also be able to offer advice on how to spread the costs.

Modern treatments often take less time and are more discreet than you might imagine. This is because there are some innovative new methods of realignment that we can talk you through. Also, many cosmetic orthodontic treatments focus on the teeth that are visible when you smile. This means that you can achieve the results you want in a short amount of time.