Love your smile with cosmetic braces

If you are unhappy with your smile because you feel you missed out on orthodontic treatment as a child, cosmetic braces could be a dream come true. These discreet devices can gently and safely move your teeth into a more desirable solution – and nobody need know you’re having treatment. At Denchic Dental Spa in North London, we offer a good selection of discreet orthodontic products that can straighten your teeth quickly and near-invisibly.

What are cosmetic braces?

cosmetic bracesCosmetic orthodontics principally focus on the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. However, at Denchic Dental Spa in North London we are also keen to emphasise that straighter teeth are healthier teeth. This is because they are easier to clean, helping to reduce the chances of plaque or tartar building up and leading to tooth decay or gum diseases.

In addition, choosing to straighten your teeth with cosmetic braces can also boost your general sense of well-being as your confidence in your smile will be improved.

Dentists and orthodontists agree that braces remain the most effective ways to straighten your teeth. However, traditional metal braces may seem unsightly for adult patients with busy personal and professional lives, and treatment times of up to two years can also be off-putting.

At Denchic Dental Spa in North London we understand these concerns, which is why we offer treatment with clear braces and aligners.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles braces combines the latest orthodontic innovation and the most up-to-date techniques with highly-discreet clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires. In addition to being barely noticeable in your mouth, this system also has an average treatment time of just six months.

They work so quickly because, unlike conventional braces, Six Month Smiles focus on the front six to eight teeth – those that show when you smile.


Invisalign is one of the most popular tooth-straightening options at our North London dental practice. This system uses a series of clear, removable aligners to gently move your teeth into a more desirable position.

Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and, using special computer software, you will be able to see what results you can expect before starting treatment. You will need to change your aligner every two weeks or so, in line with your dentist’s instructions. Because they are removable, Invisalign also reduces the chances of dental hygiene problems during treatment.

To find out more about discreet orthodontics, book a consultation with one of our dentists today.

How to get your dream smile by combining discreet braces and teeth whitening

A smile makeover combines two or more cosmetic dental treatments to achieve perfect results: teeth whitening plus adult braces is just one option available at Denchic Dental Spa in North London.

teeth whiteningStraighter teeth and whiter teeth are two of the top items on many people’s dream smile list. A smile makeover consultation enables you to work together with your dentist to pick the treatments that will really boost your smile. While some patients will need just one treatment, such as teeth whitening, others will benefit from combining two or more treatments to achieve the desired results.

Here we look at how the popular combination of braces and whitening treatment can work for you.

Braces for adults?

Think orthodontics and the first thing that springs to mind may be traditional metal braces worn by children and teenagers. While these are effective, they may not be compatible with the lifestyles of busy professional adults. Thankfully there are now a number of discreet alternatives available. Our experienced team of North London dentists at Denchic Dental Spa have many “invisible orthodontics” solutions at their disposal.

Depending on your needs, you may be recommended treatment with removable clear aligners, such as Invisalign, or with fast-acting discreet brace systems, such as Six Month Smiles. Discreet braces comprise tooth-coloured brackets and clear wires, so are not easily noticeable in daily life.

Teeth whitening options

Once your teeth have been straightened with aligners or braces, you’ll be keen to show your smile off. For that real wow factor, why not consider teeth whitening treatment? The result will be a smile that truly dazzles.

At Denchic Dental Spa we offer two options for teeth whitening treatment: teeth whitening here in the comfort of our North London dental practice, or home whitening. In-practice whitening takes just one hour, while at-home whitening takes between two and four weeks. Whichever you choose, the result will be a smile to be proud of.

Thumb Sucking: A Normal Trait, But an Orally Destructive One

We can forgive the children for not looking after their teeth. After all, every tooth they have until the age of 12 is, in essence, expendable. But when thumb sucking comes into the fore, it may affect the future of their dental health. While it is a normal trait, every child has a potential to carry it to adulthood.


thumb suckingApart from carrying a juvenile habit into old age, thumb sucking presents an immediate concern about children’s teeth. 80% of all infants suck on their thumbs, but it would be wrong to blame them for developing such a tendency. Even in the womb, doctors have already witnessed them doing the same thing. Simply put, they acquire the reflex due to suckling. As you know, babies get most of their sustenance from their mothers’ breasts and their pacifiers.

As for its effects on teeth, it cultivates an open bite among children. There is still time to self-correct it, but more often than not, it already requires an orthodontist’s assistance. Furthermore, they are also likely to develop tongue thrusting. It does not sound much, but when the jaw and dentition constantly receives nocuous force, it may need corrective surgery in the future.

Non-Dental Consequences

We hope you will prevent your children from establishing thumb sucking in the long term. On top of teeth problems, it causes speech problems and skin issues. These conditions do not manifest naturally, and it is unfortunate when it occurs. Usually, speech problems from thumb sucking revolve around mispronunciation. On the other hand, the skin problems it can cause on the thumb include blisters and calluses.

If they start acquiring teeth-compromising quirks early, then you should start helping them take care of their teeth. Bring them to Denchic Dental Spa to receive quality dental services from our team.

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A Whiter Smile in Just a Few Hours

Cosmetic teeth whitening is a simple, safe and quick way to change a person’s appearance and one that can be delivered with little to no pain or discomfort. Considering how pearly whites are the most basic element of a more beautiful smile, it is something that you should consider.

teeth whiteningMany think that whitening treatments take months and years to take effect. Permanent white teeth will need constant care and professional attention, but the initial treatments need not be such a long waiting game. A noticeably whiter and brighter smile is possible in just a matter of hours.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular services offered at Denchic Dental Spa. We know that everyone desires fast and easy whitening solutions that brings excellent results, but everyone has a special preference on how they receive their treatment.

To accommodate the varying preferences of each patient, our clinic presents two options – at home and in-office.

At Home Whitening

We have two home whitening options, both of which use custom fit trays and gels. The first uses a whitening gel applied either day or night, which patients should let sit for a few hours. This lightens the teeth after two weeks of daily use.

The second option, the Enlighten Evolution Whitening, produces faster results without increasing tooth sensitivity. Enlighten Evolution Whitening has higher whitening power than the first home whitening treatment, but with near zero sensitivity capability. It is safe for self-application and results in whiter teeth—almost like getting a professional in-office bleaching.

In-Office Whitening

For patients who need results immediately – in as fast as two hours – and for a longer time, Phillips Zoom Whitening is a recommended solution. The procedure for Phillips Zoom Whitening is simple: first, we will assess if your teeth are qualified for bleaching; then, we will apply a whitening gel and activate it with a lamp. This treatment may take one to two hours to produce noticeable results. After this, you will leave our practice with teeth that are several tones whiter.

A whiter smile is easy to achieve with our whitening treatments. Schedule an appointment today and find out which whitening treatment is perfect for your needs.

Snoring may have Something to do with the Teeth

There are many reasons people snore. It could be due to excessive alcohol consumption, chronic nasal congestion, sleep apnoea or excessive tissue in the back of the throat. Some oral health experts, however, suggest that the teeth may have something to do with snoring too.

The Link Between Teeth and Snoring

snoring problemsThe position of the teeth and tongue may determine the likelihood of snoring. If a person’s teeth and bite are not in the right position whilst asleep, the tongue may become out of place and block the airway. The chances of snoring increase, as a result.

The tongue and lower jaw go together. When people bite, the lower jaw and tongue move back so the upper and lower teeth meet. When people close their mouth, the tongue goes to the back of the throat. For people who have normal teeth alignment, the tongue and teeth adjust in sleep, allowing the oxygen to pass through the airway with ease.

That is not the case for those with excessive overbite, however. The upper teeth may cover the air’s passage and push the lower jaw closer to the throat. The tongue moves back as people assume a sleeping position as well. As a result, the lower jaw and tongue block the airway. The narrow airway will cause throat tissues to vibrate, thus causing snoring sounds.

Treatment and Prevention

Those who snore because of a bad bite should undergo orthodontic treatments. Surgical procedures may be necessary for those with excessive malocclusions.

Some dentists prescribe mouthpieces specifically designed to reduce snoring. These mandibular advancement devices temporarily move the lower jaw forward while sleeping. These open up the airway, allowing the person to breathe better and without noise.

Prolonged snoring may lead to other complications if left untreated. Frequent snorers should consider undergoing dental appointments and treatments if they want to get rid of such conditions. The good news is that Denchic Dental Spa can help get rid of snoring problems.

We provide cosmetic braces that will help put your teeth and bite in the right place. Our custom-designed mouthpieces are available to help you breathe and sleep better as well. People will have a nice smile and comfortable sleep through our care.

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Plaque, Not Just Sugar, Causes Stubborn Cavities

It is a common belief most people have known since childhood: eating too much sweets will rot your teeth. Whilst it is true that a diet filled with lollies and sweet treats increases your risks for cavities, however, sugar itself is not the main cause behind tooth decay.

A Closer Look at Dental Cavities

tooth decayDental cavities form due to bacteria residing in the mouth digesting the carbohydrates from the food you eat. Food debris does include refined sugars found in cakes, cookies and other sweets, but it is also present in healthier food choices, such as vegetables, fruits and grains.

When your mouth digests these carbohydrates, it produces acid that combines with your saliva. As a result, plaque develops and eventually damages your teeth.

Plaque—the Leading Cause of Tooth Decay

Plaque, not sugar, heralds the damaging effects of tooth decay in your mouth. During each meal, you subject your mouth to plaque formation, especially if you do not brush frequently. Plaque can damage the enamel (also known as the protective film of your teeth) and affect the dentin, which are the pulp containing blood vessels and nerves.

Cavities from plaque affect the dentin and the bone supporting your teeth. This leads to stinging sensations, severe toothaches and gum diseases in the future.

Be Mindful of Food

Whilst sugar is not the main cause of your tooth woes, it is still a cavity-causing carbohydrate. After all, the type of food you eat plays an important role in your oral health.

Food such as breath mints and dry cereal can get stuck in the crevices of your teeth, which cause decay. Rather than indulge in hard candy and raisins, settle for an apple or yogurt. Both food items easily wash away with saliva and are unlikely to cause stubborn plaque.

Apart from the food you eat, how you consume food also affects your oral health. For example, it is better to sip fizzy drinks rather than consume them straight from the can. This is because the drink’s acid remains in your mouth for at least 30 minutes, which leads to plaque development.

Love your teeth more by taking additional precautions with what you eat. Here at Denchic Dental Spa, we can help keep your teeth plaque-free and looking its best anytime, anywhere. Get in touch with us now.

Sensitive and Yellowing Teeth – Signs of Poor Enamel

Teeth stains and painful sensations in the gum area are common problems. These are among the symptoms of dental erosion, a recurring problem in the UK.

What is it?

dental erosionDental erosion is the progressive deterioration of the teeth’s enamel, the hard material that protects teeth from hard impact and bacteria. Certain elements cause it to wear and tear, eventually exposing the vulnerable dentine. This leads to discomfort, discolouration and even loss of teeth.

Why does it happen?

Enamel erosion usually occurs due to frequent acid attacks. These may come from poor diet and certain conditions.

Acidic food and drinks may weaken and break the enamel in the long run. Tea, coffee, fruity and fizzy drinks are some examples of acidic substances. The same goes for foods that contain generous amounts of sugar and starch.

People with existing conditions tend to suffer dental erosion as well. Acid reflux and gastrointestinal problems prompt acid attacks, leading to enamel deterioration. Those with dry mouth are prone to dental erosion as well because they do not have enough saliva to wash the acid away.

Poor oral hygiene and habits may lead to enamel erosion. Those who do not brush or floss their teeth properly tend to have weaker enamel. Excessive clenching and crunching of teeth may cause them to chip and crack as well.

Some people experience dental erosion at birth whilst some acquire it through environmental factors. Constant stress and anxiety cause people to grind their teeth excessively, putting pressure on the enamel. Certain medications like acidic supplements, aspirin and antihistamines may also cause dental erosion.

Prevention and Treatment

Proper oral hygiene and diet are essential in countering enamel erosion. People should brush and floss their teeth at least once a day. Less consumption of acidic food and drinks is necessary especially for those with advanced stages of dental erosion. Increased intake of water may help in countering acidic substances. Regular dental appointments will help prevent or reduce the effects and symptoms of dental erosion more effectively.

At Denchic Dental Spa, we can help you deal with dental erosion. We provide general dentistry services, teeth whitening and other treatments that will improve your teeth. We are committed to delivering healthier and brighter smiles that you rightly deserve.

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Inman Aligner: The Clear Braces You May Have Never Heard Of

It has become a requirement to fix one’s teeth. After all, it is one of the first things people notice and helps shape their perception. Some people are lucky to have their teeth all naturally sorted, as they will spend less in dental treatments. Braces have long been the alignment procedure of choice, but it does look wrong in an adult.

inman alignerBy now, you probably are looking at Invisalign, the premier clear braces today. Dentists everywhere are advising their patients of this “revolutionary” treatment. The revolutionary part is true, as it is nothing like old-school braces. Removable and clear, older people opt for this despite its price. We here at Denchic Dental Spa admit it is popular among our patients, but its price always gets in the way.

It is probable that you missed other treatments about straightening misaligned teeth. You may have overlooked Inman Aligner, and we say it is okay. But, as dentists, let us enlighten you about this lesser-known dental procedure.

How It Works

First, it is a clear brace and works as a retainer, very similar to Invisalign. Second, it is a cosmetic procedure and serious dental issues should still undergo specified treatments. Last, Inman Aligners work quickly; eight to 16 weeks quick. Furthermore, the length of treatment will still depend on the severity of the case

Much like braces, it uses gentle force to align your front teeth for a prettier smile. We reckon it is uncomfortable to wear at first, but it will not take long before you take a liking to it. If not, then try to set your mind on this fact: Inman Aligners are one of the fastest-acting dental procedures available.

Before we end, if you are getting Inman Aligners, we recommend you wear them for longer periods to maximise the effect and shorten the treatment period. 20 hours should suffice, and we promise, it will not alter your appearance to a noticeable length.

Entrust your most important dental needs with us. From children’s dentistry and preventative measure, to full rehabilitation we are able to provide.

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Bigger isn’t Always Better: How Huge Bites Damage Oral Health

There are many ways people are putting their oral health at risk without knowing it. Some examples of seemingly simple yet actually damaging habits include drinking excessive amounts of fizzy drinks or grinding teeth. Another seemingly harmless practice is taking huge bites of food.

dental crownsWhat many people do not immediately realise is that this habit can put stress on the mouth, particularly on the jaws and teeth, which may put oral health at risk.

Huge Bites: The Jaw Breaker

It has been a common habit to take huge bites of food; with too many things to attend to and on-the-go attitude of most people today, conscious eating has become less of a priority. People have become oblivious to proper eating habits that eating big chunks of food has somewhat become the new norm.

Of course, that is on top of the fact that fast food restaurant advertisements are constantly urging people to try super-sized food that are almost impossible to fit into the mouth without having to open wide.

Not only is it embarrassing, but taking big bites of food can compromise oral health, as it forces the mouth to open too wide, damaging the joints of the jaw. Those that have temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) are at even greater risk of jaw injury.

The temporomandibular joint is the hinge that connects the jaw to the bones in the skull, allowing free movement of the mouth when chewing. People who have TMJ may worsen their condition if they take huge bites of food, resulting in pain sensations in or around the ear when chewing, clicking sounds when opening the jaw, difficulty when eating, and swelling on the side of the face.

It’s advisable for TMJ patients to avoid taking huge bites to keep the problem from worsening.

A Lot on Your Plate

Not only should you pay attention to how you chew, though, but also to what you chew. Hard foods, such as popcorn, ice, and candies put more stress on teeth, which may result in dental problems. It may cause cracks and chips in the surface of the tooth.

In these cases, you may need dental crowns to hold a cracked tooth together. Or, if the problem is worse, tooth extraction may be necessary.

Avoid taking huge bites and pay attention to what you eat to avoid dental problems. Schedule an appointment with us today for more information about how you can maintain good oral health.

The Serious Impact of Dental Neglect in Kids

Fluorosis, malocclusion and dental caries.

These are just some of the many oral health problems that begin in childhood. This is the reason every parent should make an effort to keep the child’s teeth clean and healthy. This is not always the case in the UK, though.

children dentistryA new survey reveals that approximately one in seven children in the country have not visited a dental practice by the age of eight. The findings have emerged amid heated debates about the implementation of ‘sugar tax’ on fizzy drinks. Many people expect that the proposal will recommend reducing the daily consumption.

Impact of Sugar Intake

The UK is facing a growing crisis when it comes to poor dental health and child obesity. This is due to the increasing intake of soda and fruit drinks every day. As a matter of fact, kids and teens are consuming far beyond the current allowance. That has prompted concerns and calls to put up the prices of unhealthy food.

The British Medical Association (BMA) insisted that insightful advice is not enough, as many parents remain ignorant regarding the potential long-term impact of sugar on overall health. To discourage the public, it is necessary to have some strict measures.

Preventative Dental Care

According to the researchers, many families leave their children’s teeth to rot by providing them with sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks. Worse, they are unaware of the level of damage. This habit is not acceptable in a modern society, as dentists are just within reach. Kids should not be left to endure the pain and discomfort of oral problems, such as cavities and gingivitis.

Parents should take the right steps before things get worse. Knowing the basics of preventative dental care and scheduling regular checkups is essential to children’s teeth.

Let your child’s journey toward a healthy smile start here at Denchic Dental Spa. Our team is not only friendly and reliable, but well experienced in children’s services as well. By developing a personalised treatment plan, we can properly care for your child’s primary and permanent teeth.