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Would you like to have healthier looking, whiter teeth?

27th September 2016

At Denchic Dental Spa in North London is one of our most popular treatments. Unsightly, stained teeth can cause embarrassment and feelings of self-consciousness. A range of simple but effective treatments is available to you in North London. Teeth whitening  can be achieved using a variety of products, either in-clinic or in the comfort of your own home. In both cases, a whitening gel is applied to the surface of the teeth to lighten the natural tone, which may have become discoloured due to food, drink or tobacco consumption.

Ancient and modern techniques

In Ancient Rome, people bleached their teeth using the ammonia found naturally. The Egyptians used bristly twigs dipped in a solution of wine vinegar and ground pumice to whiten their teeth. They considered white teeth and sweet-smelling breath to be a sign of health and wealth; the whiter the teeth, the higher a person was held in regard. By the Middle Ages, a range of preparations were available to improve dental health, including whitening teeth. A concoction of sage leaves and sea salt applied directly onto the teeth was a common way of removing yellow stains. Another recipe included salt, honey, rock alum and red wine vinegar to be rubbed onto the teeth with a linen cloth.

Today’s dental professionals use a product called carbamide peroxide, which is applied to the teeth in a water-based solution or gel. This breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and urea, which safely and effectively creates a chemical reaction, which removes discolouration and stains from the surface of the teeth.

How can I arrange for  teeth whitening in North london?

Denchic Dental Spa offers new patients a free initial consultation to discuss the possibilities of treatments for your personal dental requirements. Cosmetic teeth whitening is a simple, non-invasive procedure which can have dramatic effects, but each case is dealt with on an individual basis to ensure the right treatment for each patient. To contact Denchic Dental Spa to arrange your consultation, email us or request a call back and our professional team will make an appointment at a time to suit you.

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