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Why bother with braces in North London?

26th December 2017

Many adults have got mildly misaligned teeth. Very few of us are born with perfect alignment, but, on the other hand, our problems are not severe enough to qualify for NHS treatment. You have to have serious bite problems to get that. So, we grow up with a bit of twisting, leaning in or out, gappy bits, teeth that didn’t descend enough. And we think, ‘Well it’s ok. It would be pure vanity to get my teeth straightened’.

Well, no actually, it wouldn’t be vain. It would be very sensible, and that’s why at Denchic Dental Spa, we encourage our adult patients to invest in braces in North London.

Although in terms of labelling, a lot of brands of braces in North London come under the dental umbrella term of cosmetic braces, they do, in fact, play a very important role in preserving strong, healthy teeth. And here’s why:


Plaque is that sticky substance that builds up on the teeth during the day. We remove it when we brush out teeth, which should be twice daily. But, if we leave that plaque for three days, it starts to harden into tartar. Plaque is in fact a film of bacteria that live in the mouth and feed off the sugars in it. They multiply, creating the plaque, and then give off acid. The acid eats into the enamel of our teeth, creating the holes for more bacteria to sneak in through and start the decay process. Acid irritates our gums and causes gum disease.

It’s far harder to brush away plaque from wonky teeth than lovely aligned ones. The plaque that is missed, hiding away in nooks and crannies, is the cause of decay and gum disease and both can lead to tooth loss.


When the pressure of eating is even distributed along the length of each arch, the teeth work well. When only one or two are taking the brunt of pressure from chewing, they will probably crumble away before their time.

Align your teeth with braces in North London and they are far more likely to last longer, maybe even for life.

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