White Fillings

Why do I need white fillings?

Most people will need some fillings at some point in their life. In the past, fillings could be very noticeable and could make people less confident about their smile. However, times have changed and white fillings are now a very popular cosmetic dentistry choice.

White fillings are far less noticeable than traditional silver fillings. Even if you have had fillings in the past, white fillings are now available to replace worn grey, black or metal fillings. They are particularly popular for replacing fillings in the front teeth that have stained brown or yellow with age. You should speak with your dentist if you are considering having old, dark-coloured fillings replaced because it is usually best to replace only those fillings that are worn or visible when you smile or laugh.

Previously, white fillings were considered less strong than metal fillings, but these days white fillings are almost as strong as silver amalgam fillings. How long they will last depends on where they are in your mouth and on how your teeth come together. You should talk to your dentist about how long any white fillings you need should be expected to last.

What should I expect if I choose white fillings?

White fillings are fitted using a rubber dam, which helps to keep your mouth clean so that the fillings can be placed properly. These fillings are made from a compound material of glass or ceramic materials and resin, which is matched to your own teeth. They can stain over time, so your dentist will give you appropriate after-care advice to follow. Porcelain inlays can also be used; porcelain is very strong and can again be matched to the natural colour of your teeth.

The price of white fillings varies depending on the size, shape and location in your mouth of the filling required, along with the complexity of the procedure. Your dentist will be able to provide you with a full price plan of any white fillings required to give you back the confidence in your smile.