Teeth Whitening in North London


Denchic Dental Spa understands the need for whiter teeth. Stained teeth can make you feel self-conscious, which prevents you from smiling. Proper cosmetic teeth whitening can restore your confidence by removing stubborn stains.

We take pride in offering the latest professional whitening techniques. Individual results will vary depending on your initial tooth colour and the severity of tooth stains.

Our North London cosmetic teeth whitening provides several options. The most suitable option will be discussed during your free consultation:

1. Home Teeth Whitening

Our clinic designs a custom-fit lightweight plastic mouth tray for home use. The tray fits snugly over your teeth. Simply add the Poladay / Polawhite whitening gel inside the tray and wear it at night or during the day for a few hours. After 2 weeks, your teeth will appear brighter and whiter.

Pola Whitening

2. Phillips Zoom Teeth Whitening

Have you teeth whitened at our practice. We place a protective barrier on your gums and apply the whitening gel on your teeth. A lamp activates the bleaching process, which produces results within an hour.

3. Enlighten Evolution Teeth Whitening

For faster results, go for this whitening option. This treatment combines near zero sensitivity and a special custom fit mouth tray for home use. A second stage in-surgery is also needed.

Duration of the whitening process

For home whitening options, treatment varies depending on how discoloured your teeth are. It usually takes two to four weeks before results can be achieved. Regular application of the whitening product for 30 minutes to an hour provides quicker results.

For in-clinic procedures, we will first assess your teeth to make sure you are suitable for the treatment. The treatment usually takes an hour or two.

Say hello to a whiter smile with quality teeth whitening in North London. Get in touch with us now for your enquiries.

quote-start I would like to write to say how HAPPY I am with the home whitening treatment. It is only day 6 but already my teeth are more white than they have ever been in my life. I feel like I have a new smile! This treatment really does work and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you Dr Gill and team.quote-end

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