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Teeth can be beautiful

17th October 2017

If you have ever watched one of the many dating programmes on TV, you may have noticed how highly the men and women on them rate a good smile. For many, not having straight, healthy white teeth can be a date breaker. That’s how important smiles are in the 21st century.

At Denchic Dental Spa, we get a lot of people coming in to find out how we can help them get the smile they want, with braces in North London. The popular misconception that you can’t get your teeth straightened if you are beyond your teenage years is starting to fade away, and people of all ages are seeking out straighter teeth in North London. Braces now come in a variety of shapes and systems. Some pull your teeth into alignment. Some push them. Some work on all your teeth. Others work on just the front ones. Which one will be right for you?

The only way to find out is to come into Denchic Dental Spa for an initial consultation. We will make a thorough examination of your teeth and listen to what you think are your highest priorities from your braces in North London.

Exploring your options

Do you want your braces to be as invisible as possible? If you do, then maybe you need to invest in Invisalign. This is not the fastest system on the market. The average treatment time is about a year. But, these transparent, thin plastic aligners snap on over your teeth and all but disappear. You’d have to be a very keen observer to clock that someone is using Invisalign. Another plus with this system is that it is removable. That means you can continue to eat whatever you like, and wont’ have to spend ages picking your food out from between your teeth and your dental appliance.

If you want speed and discretion, you might want to go for Six Months Smiles. These work on the front six teeth only. The small clear ceramic brackets are fixed to the fronts of the teeth and are strung together with tooth-coloured wires. These are tightened every few weeks to pull the teeth into alignment. This system usually takes between four and nine months to complete.

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