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Snoring may have Something to do with the Teeth

10th November 2015

There are many reasons people snore. It could be due to excessive alcohol consumption, chronic nasal congestion, sleep apnoea or excessive tissue in the back of the throat. Some oral health experts, however, suggest that the teeth may have something to do with snoring too.

The Link Between Teeth and Snoring

snoring problemsThe position of the teeth and tongue may determine the likelihood of snoring. If a person’s teeth and bite are not in the right position whilst asleep, the tongue may become out of place and block the airway. The chances of snoring increase, as a result.

The tongue and lower jaw go together. When people bite, the lower jaw and tongue move back so the upper and lower teeth meet. When people close their mouth, the tongue goes to the back of the throat. For people who have normal teeth alignment, the tongue and teeth adjust in sleep, allowing the oxygen to pass through the airway with ease.

That is not the case for those with excessive overbite, however. The upper teeth may cover the air’s passage and push the lower jaw closer to the throat. The tongue moves back as people assume a sleeping position as well. As a result, the lower jaw and tongue block the airway. The narrow airway will cause throat tissues to vibrate, thus causing snoring sounds.

Treatment and Prevention

Those who snore because of a bad bite should undergo orthodontic treatments. Surgical procedures may be necessary for those with excessive malocclusions.

Some dentists prescribe mouthpieces specifically designed to reduce snoring. These mandibular advancement devices temporarily move the lower jaw forward while sleeping. These open up the airway, allowing the person to breathe better and without noise.

Prolonged snoring may lead to other complications if left untreated. Frequent snorers should consider undergoing dental appointments and treatments if they want to get rid of such conditions. The good news is that Denchic Dental Spa can help get rid of snoring problems.

We provide cosmetic braces that will help put your teeth and bite in the right place. Our custom-designed mouthpieces are available to help you breathe and sleep better as well. People will have a nice smile and comfortable sleep through our care.

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