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Inman Aligner: The Clear Braces You May Have Never Heard Of

20th October 2015

It has become a requirement to fix one’s teeth. After all, it is one of the first things people notice and helps shape their perception. Some people are lucky to have their teeth all naturally sorted, as they will spend less in dental treatments. Braces have long been the alignment procedure of choice, but it does look wrong in an adult.

By now, you probably are looking at Invisalign, the premier clear braces today. Dentists everywhere are advising their patients of this “revolutionary” treatment. The revolutionary part is true, as it is nothing like old-school braces. Removable and clear, older people opt for this despite its price. We here at Denchic Dental Spa admit it is popular among our patients, but its price always gets in the way.

It is probable that you missed other treatments about straightening misaligned teeth. You may have overlooked Inman Aligner, and we say it is okay. But, as dentists, let us enlighten you about this lesser-known dental procedure.

How It Works

First, it is a clear brace and works as a retainer, very similar to Invisalign. Second, it is a cosmetic procedure and serious dental issues should still undergo specified treatments. Last, Inman Aligners work quickly; eight to 16 weeks quick. Furthermore, the length of treatment will still depend on the severity of the case

Much like braces, it uses gentle force to align your front teeth for a prettier smile. We reckon it is uncomfortable to wear at first, but it will not take long before you take a liking to it. If not, then try to set your mind on this fact: Inman Aligners are one of the fastest-acting dental procedures available.

Before we end, if you are getting Inman Aligners, we recommend you wear them for longer periods to maximise the effect and shorten the treatment period. 20 hours should suffice, and we promise, it will not alter your appearance to a noticeable length.

Entrust your most important dental needs with us. From children’s dentistry and preventative measure, to full rehabilitation we are able to provide.

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