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quote-start I would like to write to say how HAPPY I am with the home whitening treatment. It is only day 6 but already my teeth are more white than they have ever been in my life. I feel like I have a new smile! This treatment really does work and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you Dr Gill and team. quote-end

review-starMrs R DK, Lecturer

quote-start I came to see Dr Gill to discuss some concerns I had about my teeth. I was never really happy with my smile, and quite often covered my mouth. I really didn’t want to go for metal braces to correct my upper teeth, and after speaking to Dr Gill I chose to move forward with 6 months smiles. It was the best decision of my life! In 6 months, I had straight teeth…I couldn’t believe it! I have received so many compliments on my teeth since having treatment completed. I now enjoy smiling so much more and my confidence has soared. My job involves a lot of presentations and client faced meetings and I can say that I no longer feel self conscious at work. I was also pregnant whilst having my treatment completed, and Dr Gill was very careful and courteous throughout the process. I am a fussy individual who is careful about the treatments and services she chooses, and I can honestly say Denchic is a wonderful, wonderful practice. It’s organised, the staff is amazing and welcoming and the care is outstanding. I recommend Denchic to everyone, the dentists, nurses and front desk team are lovely and their service is the best I’ve seen. quote-end

review-starMrs K, London

quote-start I saw Dr Gill in March 2015 for some treatment. I am very happy and I know he is the BEST dentist. He is also very pleasant and welcomed me to the Practice. The practice itself is very clean, appointments run on time and all my treatment was explained to me in detail. I recommend Denchic and Dr Gill to everyone! quote-end

review-starMr A Kalaj

quote-start Thanks to Dr Gill at Denchic, I now have beautiful, perfect teeth and I am pleased beyond words with my new smile.

I booked to see Dr Gill to discuss a few concerns about misalignment on my upper teeth. This was something I felt extremely conscious about for a long time. Having experienced quite a lot of orthodontic work as a child, I was really nervous to go back to the dentist and start all over. After meeting Dr Gil however, I was immediately put at ease by his gentle and professional manner. Just 10 minutes after having met him for my free consultation, I was ready to start treatment. What I found exceptional about Dr Gill was his ability to listen and take on board my thoughts and concerns. He was considerate, gave me ample amounts of time in his clinic and extremely thorough in his recommendations.

Dr Gill recommended 6 Months Smiles to me. I had never heard of invisible braces before and after being taken through the full treatment plan, outcomes and results I was very eager to start. 6 Month Smiles has completely transformed my smile. The invisible braces took one appointment to put on, and Dr Gill saw me regularly to check the progress and make any amendments. After only 3.5 months friends and family started to comment on my new smile…I too had already noticed that my misalignment had corrected itself! My bottom teeth also looked amazing. I overlooked my bottom teeth being so conscious about my upper misalignment, but with Dr Gill’s skill and expertise I now have a completely new smile. I was so happy with the results that I requested to remove the braces after 3.5 months. Dr Gill, being the perfectionist he is recommended further tweaks, but for me, my new smile had already overwhelmed me and I couldn’t wait to get the braces off!

Since finishing the treatment, I have received countless compliments. I too feel so positive and confident with my new smile. The impact it has made on me is amazing..i can’t stop smiling! I am so pleased with the service and care at Denchic I am now also going to replace my metal fillings and crowns.

Thank you to all the team at Denchic, you’ve all done such a superb job and offer an fantastic service to your patients! Dr Gill’s work is outstanding and I highly recommend him. quote-end

review-starSusan Harrall, North London

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quote-start I have always enjoyed good oral health but had been unhappy with my smile for a very long time. No one noticed that I didn’t show my teeth when smiling and that had become subconscious behaviour for me. I had Madonna-esque gaps in my front teeth and I disliked them immensely, but I had got used to living with them as no dental professional had ever suggested that I could do something about them and I was never too keen on the idea of braces as a teenager.

On a visit to Denchic earlier this year for a periodic check-up, I had the good fortune of an appointment with Dr Gill. Firstly, I must say what a thoroughly professional and highly conscientious practitioner Dr Gill is. He and his team took every step to make my visit to the surgery as comfortable and purposeful as possible. Dr Gill is very reassuring and gentle and maintains good dialogue with his patients, removing any of the customary dread from dental appointments.

Following my check-up, I got talking to Dr Gill and he asked me in very frank terms whether I was happy with all aspects of my dental health, cosmetically or otherwise, and it prompted me to tell him that I wasn’t entirely happy with my smile, and in particular the gaps in my front teeth. Dr Gill listened carefully to my concerns and at no point made any suggestions or asked any leading questions. It was refreshing to be able to explain my issues without feeling like I was being marketed to or put under any pressure.

Having listened to and understood my particular concerns, Dr Gill proceededto explain all the options available to me through a personalised treatment plan. He elucidated the pros and cons of each option, associated costs and the length of treatment. He described also the aspects of my dental health that I could be proud of and made no attempt to oversell his services in any way. Having agreed the next steps forward, Dr Gill set about addressing my issues, specifically restoring a natural smile without anterior gaps, in the coming weeks. He had determined that I wouldn’t need to wear any form of braces or require veneers or the like. Instead, he used very modern and painless techniques, and dental materials that are new to the industry to close out the gaps in my teeth.

The result of his work is that my smile has been completely transformed in just a matter of weeks. With my smile, my confidence has also been restored.I can’t thank Dr Gill and the Denchic team enough for their honest professionalism. I have been very impressed with the level of their expertise, their patient approach and their commitment to putting their customer’s needs first. Denchic is a modern, well-equipped and immaculately spotless surgery that offers serene, patient-focused dental services in a calming environment and I would highly recommend Denchic to others. quote-end


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