Dental Implants in Crouch End, North London

A missing tooth or teeth can really affect how you feel about your smile. Dental implants are an increasingly popular choice to replace missing teeth. At Denchic Dental Spa in Crouch End, Golders Green and Barnet, our teams are highly experienced in placing implants, giving you back your confidence and a beautiful smile.

What are dental implants used for?

Dental implants are artificial teeth attached to the jaw bone using titanium screws. Such implants can replace one tooth or several teeth, using a bridge or implant-retained denture. Once they are fitted, dental implants act like natural teeth and require similar care. It is important to keep up with maintenance appointments for implants so that they remain in good condition.

Failure to look after dental implants can lead to a build-up of detritus on the implanted tooth, which if left untreated could cause gum bleeding, pain and discomfort. At Denchic Dental Spa we will always provide maintenance appointments that will help prevent these problems from arising.

What does getting dental implants involve?

It will normally take between three and four months for implants to be fully fitted. This can vary depending on the number and location of implants. The treatment can be carried out using a local anaesthetic or a sedative that will not put you to sleep, but will make you feel very relaxed. If you have a sedative you will need someone to drive you home and keep an eye on you overnight afterwards.

Once the implants have been fitted, your jaw bone will grow and fuse to them. This usually takes a few months and in some cases you may have a temporary denture fitted while this fusing takes place. When this stage of the treatment is complete, you will have a final crown (cap) placed on top of the implant.

If you look after them well, your dental implants will last for many years. They are simple to care for, by regular brushing, flossing and follow-up appointments.