Children’s services

As dental professionals we believe in Preventative dental care and encourage our patients to bring their children to the practice as soon as their teeth start to show, which can be as early as 4 months! Our team at Denchic is well experienced in children’s services, and as parents themselves, they understand the challenges! Our dentists are caring and gentle and will patiently examine your child’s teeth. We encourage regular check ups at a young age to ensure children grow up with a healthy smile.

We are here to care for your family and offer several preventative treatments tailored to your little ones:

  • Fluoride applications are a safe and effective way to safeguard your growing child’s teeth from developing decay. The fluoride is painted onto the surface of the child’s teeth and this helps to mineralise the teeth.
  • Fissure sealants are tooth coloured and applied to biting surfaces of children’s teeth to prevent decay.

During each visit, your dentist will discuss dietary advice as well as providing a child focused oral hygiene routine.

What can I do to help my children maintain healthy teeth?

  • Brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste to remove plaque, which is the main cause of tooth decay
  • Teenagers should floss everyday to remove plaque from between your teeth and under the gum line. If plaque hardens in this area, it can turn into tartar, which can only be removed professionally.
  • Limit starchy and sugary foods as these produce plaque acids that cause tooth decay. It is best to consume these foods with a meal rather than a snack as the extra saliva produced during a meal can help rinse food from the mouth.
  • Take your child to our dentist for regular check-ups.
    Maintain regular dental check ups

At what age should my child start orthodontics?

This can vary from child to child, but it is normal to wait for all the permanent teeth to come through at age 11-12 years. In some circumstances an earlier referral to an Orthodontist may be necessary. We recommend that your childkeep up with regular check ups with the dentist so that the development of the teeth can be monitored and early orthodontic intervention arranged if necessary.