Case Studies

Case Study: Composite Bonding

This example demonstrates a simple and alternative treatment to traditional veneers, which involves cutting away natural tooth. In this clever procedure no natural tooth is cut away or lost. Instead, the dentist used state of the art composite material, which matched the client’s existing tooth colour, to fill in gaps and achieved the desired results. In this particular case, this treatment was provided in one appointment only.

The client pictured here was very conscious of the gaps and misalignment in his upper teeth. The results speak for themselves and our client was extremely pleased…and happy to smile!


Case Study: Six Month Smiles

Our client expressed a concern with her misalignment and crooked teeth.
Six Month Smiles gave her straight teeth in less time! In this particular case, the teeth moved into the client’s desired position in 4 months.


Case Study: Composite Bonding + Whitening

Our patient wanted a perfect wedding smile which was cost effective, quick and also retained elements of her natural smile. Her main concerns were discolouration of the teeth and the size of her front teeth.
Step one involved whitening the teeth to achieve the optimum shade.
Step two involved composite bonding techniques (a simple and alternative treatment to traditional veneers), where no actual tooth was cut away or lost. Our dentist used industry leading composite material to fill in gaps and resize the teeth to the desired results. Our client was keen to keep the mid line gap in her front teeth, and we agreed, as it adds natural beauty and character to her smile.
Our lovely client was delighted and looking forward to showing off her new smile on her wedding day! These results were all achieved in one appointment!