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Boost your smile in time for party season with teeth whitening treatment

22nd December 2015

As the festive party season approaches, many people are keen to boost the appearance of their smile – and teeth whitening treatment could be the perfect way to do it. At Denchic Dental Spa in North London we offer a range of whitening options to brighten up your teeth quickly and safely. In some cases, you could have teeth several shades lighter in just one hour.

Why teeth whitening?

teeth whitening treatmentOur teeth are stained by the food and drink we consume, by habits such as smoking and by certain medicines. These stains can make us unhappy with our smile and embarrassed to show it off in public. When carried out by a dentist, teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to remove these stains and give our teeth a brightness boost.

How does it work?

Teeth whitening treatment uses special dental bleaching gel to gently remove everyday stains from your teeth. It can either be carried out here in our North London dental practice by one of our skilled cosmetic dentists, or can be undertaken at home over the course of about two weeks.

Home whitening

Home whitening involves using custom-made, lightweight plastic trays that are made to fit snugly over your teeth. You apply a small amount of gel to the inside of the tray and wear it overnight or for a few hours during the day, and results will be seen in about two weeks. If you want home teeth whitening treatment, you should only do so on a dentist’s prescription – over-the-counter products are neither effective nor safe.

Phillips Zoom whitening

Phillips Zoom teeth whitening is carried out here in the comfort of our North London dental practice. All you need to do is sit back and relax while your dentist first shields your lips and gums then applies gel to your teeth and activates it with a special light. Typically this treatment takes about one hour, after which you will have brighter, whiter teeth.

Enlighten Evolution whitening

Enlighten Evolution whitening is a combination teeth whitening system, the only one which guarantees the end colour of your teeth. This system is also particularly good for patients who have sensitive teeth. You will be provided with whitening trays and gel to use at home, and will also have an in-chair whitening session with one of the dentists here at our North London practice.

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