Using teeth whitening as the perfect smile booster

Teeth whitening, when provided by a cosmetic dentist, is a fast, effective, and safe way to remove everyday stains from your teeth. At Denchic Dental Spa in North London we offer a number of whitening treatments to suit all needs. Treatment times vary between two weeks and just one hour, making teeth whitening the perfect way to treat yourself and boost your smile before a special occasion such as a wedding, family party, or holiday.

teeth-whitening-north-londonWhy we need teeth whitening

The most common cause of tooth staining is visible dental plaque, which is bad news not just for the appearance of your smile but also for your health, as plaque causes gum disease and tooth decay, the leading causes of tooth loss.

Dental plaque is best tackled by a visit to the hygienist at our North London clinic, who will not only remove all traces of plaque but will also work with you to improve your home brushing and flossing routine to help stop the problem from happening again.

Even well looked-after teeth can become stained through a number of lifestyle factors. It is here that teeth whitening comes into play; stains such as those caused by red wine, coffee, nicotine, and some medications can all be removed by whitening treatment, resulting in a beautiful, brighter, whiter smile.

Teeth whitening involves the use of special dental bleaching gel to gently permeate the teeth and lift these common stains. A dentist must always be consulted for whitening treatment because it should only be carried out on a healthy mouth, and because other unlicensed whitening providers will not have expert knowledge of oral health. Unregulated whitening treatment can cause serious damage and discomfort, and must be avoided.

North London teeth whitening

At Denchic in North London we offer three options for teeth whitening treatment:

1) Home whitening – Carried out over a fortnight at home, this option involves using custom-made mouth trays that you wear overnight.

2) Zoom power whitening – Power whitening involves a single, hour-long session with a cosmetic dentist here at our North London clinic.

3) Enlighten combination whitening – This option begins at home, with a final in-chair session.