Time to consider braces

For a long time, braces were disliked and viewed as extra baggage people had to carry around in their mouths for years. Gone are these days now. Increasingly patients are coming to terms with the fact that braces are an absolute gem and there are more options than ever for braces in North London.

Reduced prices

Some people consider braces to be expensive. Some patients view them as luxuries rather than a health necessity that can help them turn their lives around. This perception is changing. As more and more players get into the dental industry, the prices of the products and services have come down significantly. Braces in North London at Denchic Dental Spa are now more affordable than ever. This is why our patients are no longer suffering with alignment issues when they can get affordable braces in North London.

Braces in North LondonImprove oral health

Many patients have now realised that braces are there to help them improve their oral health. Mouths with overcrowded or crooked teeth offer bacteria crevices and corners in which to breed. Bacteria in the mouth will eventually lead to problems like tooth decay, bad breath and other dental diseases. Braces in North London will help you avoid all this by getting the teeth back into the natural positions they are meant to be in.

Comfortable, convenient modern braces

Unlike 20 or so years ago when braces were bulky and uncomfortable, braces nowadays are small and convenient. We can even offer invisible options for our patients here at Denchic Dental Spa. Yes, you can go about your daily business without anyone realising that you have them on you. What a step forward from the metal train tracks of traditional braces.

Retain your natural teeth

The beauty of braces in North London is that you get to work with your original natural set of teeth. Unlike dentures and other forms of surgery where you lose your natural teeth, braces will help you to align the teeth. This is another reason they have really grown in popularity in the past few years.

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