Smiling: A Reflection of Your Self-Esteem

At Denchin Dental Spa, a smile is something we are all too familiar with.

You may wonder how it became a universally accepted expression of joy or pleasure. Starting at the tender age of one month, babies smile. It is an instinctual way of expressing feelings of pleasure and safety, says Ann Demarais, PhD, writer of The Power of a Smile. The study tackles on the role of the smile in a person’s mental, physical, emotional and social wellbeing, saying smiling is an all-around life-changer.

What is Holding You Back?

dental healthSmile is one of the best indicators of a person’s state of mind. Since it is a primeval manifestation of pleasure and other positive emotions, psychologists conclude that people who smile less have fewer reasons to do so.

There are many reasons behind a person’s lack of drive or inability to smile. While some cases are due to emotional difficulties, others are brought on by dental and oral problems, something we have seen too often. Having crooked, yellowing or missing teeth, for example, affects a person’s confidence and reduces their inclination to smile.

Confidence Affects Smile – and vice versa

The human brain is truly a remarkable thing. You can trick it into believing you are a genuinely happy and confident person by smiling more.

The more confident you are with your appearance, the better you feel about yourself, hence you tend to smile more. Thankfully, cosmetic and restorative dentistry provides those with dental problems and self-image issues more reason to flash one.

The best part is it works like a constructive cycle. The more you do it, the happier and more confident you become. Do not be ashamed to practice in front of the mirror and ask your friends for feedback. To boost your confidence, always maintain proper dental care and hygiene.

Always remember that a simple smile can lead to the start of a great relationship, career success and a lifetime of contentment. Build great opportunities and improve your smile by contacting Denchic Dental Spa. Let’s transform that smile today.