Sensitive and Yellowing Teeth – Signs of Poor Enamel

Teeth stains and painful sensations in the gum area are common problems. These are among the symptoms of dental erosion, a recurring problem in the UK.

What is it?

dental erosionDental erosion is the progressive deterioration of the teeth’s enamel, the hard material that protects teeth from hard impact and bacteria. Certain elements cause it to wear and tear, eventually exposing the vulnerable dentine. This leads to discomfort, discolouration and even loss of teeth.

Why does it happen?

Enamel erosion usually occurs due to frequent acid attacks. These may come from poor diet and certain conditions.

Acidic food and drinks may weaken and break the enamel in the long run. Tea, coffee, fruity and fizzy drinks are some examples of acidic substances. The same goes for foods that contain generous amounts of sugar and starch.

People with existing conditions tend to suffer dental erosion as well. Acid reflux and gastrointestinal problems prompt acid attacks, leading to enamel deterioration. Those with dry mouth are prone to dental erosion as well because they do not have enough saliva to wash the acid away.

Poor oral hygiene and habits may lead to enamel erosion. Those who do not brush or floss their teeth properly tend to have weaker enamel. Excessive clenching and crunching of teeth may cause them to chip and crack as well.

Some people experience dental erosion at birth whilst some acquire it through environmental factors. Constant stress and anxiety cause people to grind their teeth excessively, putting pressure on the enamel. Certain medications like acidic supplements, aspirin and antihistamines may also cause dental erosion.

Prevention and Treatment

Proper oral hygiene and diet are essential in countering enamel erosion. People should brush and floss their teeth at least once a day. Less consumption of acidic food and drinks is necessary especially for those with advanced stages of dental erosion. Increased intake of water may help in countering acidic substances. Regular dental appointments will help prevent or reduce the effects and symptoms of dental erosion more effectively.

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