More Snores as You Age? Snoring, Age and Your Treatment Options

A snort, wheeze or simple snuff should catch your attention, especially if it worsens as you age.

You might think you are imagining things but you are not. When it comes to your or your partner’s snoring, there is no going around the fact that it gets worse as the years progress. There are numerous reasons the wheezes worsen as your birthdays come and go; it is best to arm yourself with the right knowledge to battle your snores at night.

Snoring: not a breathing disorder, but a throat issue

snoringSnoring occurs due to the narrowing of your throat during your sleep. The reflexes that keep your throat open relax as your body rests. Most people believe that snoring is a breathing disorder; on the contrary, it is more of an issue concerning your throat.

The loud wheezing sounds you hear are turbulence from the air you breathe forced through a narrower exit.

Why snoring worsens with age

When you add years to your age, you also add pounds to your weight. Your weight gain pattern faces changes; most people often gain weight around their necks, which affects throat space. A narrow throat combined with decreased muscle tone results in more snoring.

For most women, menopause and hormonal changes cause additional weight gain. Oestrogen helps preserve muscle tone in the throat’s upper airways. As a woman ages, the decreasing levels of oestrogen causes her to snore more.

Available treatment options

Fortunately, there are numerous treatment options to remedy your snoring problem. Dentists offer a series of mouthpieces and oral devices that prevent the lower jaw from dropping during your sleep. This prevents airways closure, which stops you from snoring.

Sleep specialists will also recommend sprays, nasal humidifiers, nasal strips, positional devices, tongue exercises and snoring pillows to alleviate your dilemma. These methods will work effectively, unless you are suffering from sleep apnoea. If you are, consult with a specialist immediately to address the concern.

More snores as you age are a common occurrence that requires your immediate attention. Give yourself a restful night by seeking professional help immediately. Here at Denchic Dental Spa, we also offer remedies to help quiet your nightly snores. Get in touch with us now for more information.