Know any famous people with braces?

You may probably have better things to store in your brain than information about celebrity dental issues. However, put yourself in a pop star’s shoes and consider whether you would actually start treatment involving braces when they are always in the public eye.

cosmetic-bracesEver seen Kate Moss wearing braces in North London? Why would an adult celebrity even need braces?Most cases of crooked teeth are corrected when people are in their early teens. Who in their right mind with the paparazzi snapping their every move would risk it? Well, you’d be surprised.

Tom Cruise had braces when he was 40. Nicolas Cage had braces fitted on his lower teeth but made sure the treatment was carried out between film commitments. Cindy Crawford also wore braces as an adult – and they weren’t the invisible ones either! Danny Glover got braces at age 59. Niall Horan of One Direction was wearing braces as the band shot to fame.

Stars who were famous at a young age weren’t able to hide their braces. Emma Watson, Dakota Fanning and Drew Barrymore are classic examples of this.The traditional horror of wearing braces or seeing people wearing braces is diminishing. The reason is the advent of more discreet appliances.

At Denchic we use the Invisalign braces in North London. These are clear braces that align your teeth without alarming your friends – or your fans! They are almost invisible and removable. This means that not only can people feel confident that they still look the same with the braces in position, but they also have the ability to remove them if necessary. This makes it much easier to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene.

The braces are also comfortable to wear so patients will feel and look as good as ever throughout the treatment. This is because they are made specifically to fit each patient’s mouth.We replace the braces every fortnight as the teeth adjust to move them into the correct position. The whole treatment typically takes from eight to 18 months depending on how complex the patient’s situation is.

So don’t be shy! If braces are good enough for the rich and famous then you too can benefit from braces in North London.