Improve your smile

Straightening your teeth will give you a more appealing smile and a better standard of oral health. In North London, braces use low-visibility materials and innovative construction to straighten your teeth without causing too much disruption.At Denchic Dental Spa, we offer a range of modern devices designed to correct the many kinds of dental misalignment. Whether you have a wonky smile, crooked teeth, or protruding front teeth, we can provide a tactful solution.

Braces-North-LondonWhy invest inbraces in North London?

A crooked smile can be a persistent source of dissatisfaction with your overall appearance. You might want braces in North London so you can stop hiding your mouth when laughing out loud or having photos taken. Particularly for the front teeth, a small imperfection can have a major visual impact.

Our modern treatments will spare you the unwanted attention often associated with traditional braces in North London. Our realignment appliances use transparent and tooth-coloured materials to stay virtually hidden inside your mouth.

Several choices

When you come to us for your assessment, we’ll assess your oral health and listen to you describe the changes you would like to make to your smile. We can then recommend the best way to achieve your required realignment.

Invisalign could be a good way to go. This innovative method uses a series of transparent plastic aligners, customised for you according to 3D images of your mouth. You’ll wear a set of these aligners for 7-10 days, then put those to one side and begin on the next set in the series. Over time, the subtly different shape of each set of aligners gently pressures your teeth into improved positions. There are no attachments, so you can take them out of your mouth to brush your teeth or eat a meal.

Alternatively, Six Month Smiles might suit you better. This appliance is made of tooth-coloured wires and brackets attached to your front teeth. It makes relatively small movements, and so can often take less time than other braces in North London.

It might take a bit of patience to get the results you want. However, after you’ve stopped wearing your North London braces, you’ll have many years to enjoy the great results.