Great new looks with braces in North London

Have you ever totted up how much you spend every year on clothes, hair and make-up? It wouldn’t be odd if the total came to thousands of pounds. And what do you do with all that stuff? How long do you hang onto your clothes? How long before you need new nails and a haircut?

Braces in North London

What if there was a way to get a great new look that would dramatically lift your appearance and would probably last for the rest of your life? Well, there is if you choose to get your teeth straightened with braces in North London from us at Denchic Dental Spa.

No, you don’t have to look nerdy

Could you bear to go through with the treatment though? Maybe you could if you knew that the braces in North London that we offer here at Denchic Dental Spa are specifically designed to be as discreet as possible. As long as you have mild to moderate alignment issues, there is no need to spend months and months looking like that nerdy maths kid you knew in school.

We offer 3 kinds of braces in North London that can straighten your teeth while still allowing you to look great.

Six Month Smiles

These are traditional bracket and wire braces, but with a twist. The brackets are made from clear ceramic and are smaller. The single wire is coated in a tooth-coloured substance. Together, they grace your teeth rather than making them look like train tracks. Six Month Smiles use gentle forces to realign the front 6-8 teeth and take, on average, only 6 months to work their magic.

Inman Aligner

A single, removable device that straightens the front teeth using gentle opposing forces created by 2 clear plastic bows that go in front of and behind the teeth. The Inman Aligner can complete treatment in as little as 6 weeks and double as a retainer, so is great value for money.


Clear plastic aligners that look like mouth guards and can’t be seen once they are in place. You take them out to eat and clean your teeth.

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