Grab your discount for straighter teeth this spring

At Denchic Dental Spa we love that spring feeling of renewed life and energy and to celebrate we are offering a 15% discount on clear braces in North London.

Clear braces are different from the more traditional bracket and wire braces that are fixed to your teeth. The latter use the pulling action of wires through the brackets to move the teeth.

At Denchic in North London, braces use a different mechanism that pushes teeth into position. These braces are made of rigid clear acrylic and instead of brackets and wires, they look more like mouth guards.

Braces in North LondonHow does it work?

When you come for a consultation, we will take detailed impressions of your teeth as they are now. Then, using computer programming, we’ll work out the trajectory your teeth need to follow in order for them to reach alignment.

All this information is then sent off to a laboratory that makes these clear braces. At the lab, they make a series of braces, each one of which will gently push your teeth along their path to straightness. Depending on your individual case, you will need to wear between 12 to 48 of these clear braces to get the beautiful straight teeth you desire. Each one takes about 2 weeks do its work, and then it’s on to the next one.

The great thing about clear braces is that they are almost invisible. The clear acrylic is only about 0.3millimetres thick and the braces fit so snugly over your teeth that someone would have to get very close to spot them. They won’t impair your speech either.

Because the braces are not fixed to your teeth, you can take them out to eat your meals and to brush your teeth. This means you avoid the hassle that some people have with fixed braces of getting food stuck in between your braces and your teeth.

Clear braces require discipline however. You must wear them for at least 22 hours a day if they are to move your teeth on schedule.

To find out more about clear braces in North London, call us on 0203 740 6537.