Advances in braces thanks to dental technology

There is no arguing that braces have always worked well to straighten teeth. Technology has enabled a revolution in the design and application of braces, widening the choices available as well as shortening treatment times. Although the traditional metal braces are still required at times, it’s possible that the braces suitable for you could be virtually invisible and easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. In North London, braces are creating great smiles in a more efficient,targeted way.

At Denchic Dental Spa, we offer a range of invisible braces and targeted brace options that can improve your smile quickly. Thanks to the development of new styles, we can assess your needs and provide you with focused options that reduce treatment time and dental visits. For example, Six Month Smiles bring great benefits in a shorter treatment time.

Braces in North London

North London braces create more confident smiles in only 6 Months

Many of our clients presume that braces have to be the traditional metal bracket and wire braces. Although these are still useful for some treatments, thanks to innovations in braces we can improve your smile in as little as 6 months depending on the individual.

These nifty braces work well when the issues you face are just your front teeth. They target your front teeth to bring alignment to misaligned teeth, closing gaps and bringing buck teeth back in line. This means quicker treatment as the front teeth, with only one root each, are easier to move along than the back teeth,with 3 roots each.

Thanks to the way they are fitted, Six Month Smiles do not require teeth removal to fit your braces. This reduces the preparatory time needed and the possibility of damage to your surrounding teeth.

No Ugly Betty’s here

In additional Six Month Smile braces in North London are also unobtrusive. The nickel titanium wires are tooth-coloured and so more easily blend into the background of your teeth. This makes them virtually invisible and won’t make you feel like a teenager for wearing them.

In North London, braces really are a cause for celebration, come and visit us today for a consultation on how to get that smile you’ve always wanted.