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A whiter brighter smile

29th November 2016

Our smile is so connected to how confident and happy we feel. When we flash a smile, it increases feelings of well being and self-esteem and we experience a rush of positive hormones and chemicals in our brain.

Yet so many of us aren’t comfortable smiling. Oral Health Foundation’s 2016 survey found that nearly half of Britons (48%) are unhappy with their smile, including many in North London. Teeth whitening is one way you can increase confidence in your smile.

Here at the Denchic dental surgery in Crouch End, we offer three of the latest techniques for teeth whitening in North London.

  • Phillips Zoom teeth whitening
  • Home teeth whitening
  • Enlighten Evolution teeth whitening

Phillips Zoom teeth whitening

For a quick result, come here to the practice and have a brighter smile within an hour. We use a protective barrier on your gums before applying the whitening gel to your teeth. We will offer you an initial consultation to check that your teeth are suitable for this method of whitening.

Home teeth whitening

This gently lightens the teeth over two to four weeks. We will make you a custom-made lightweight plastic mouth tray, which fits securely over the teeth. You then add whitening gel to the tray and wear it for a few hours in the day or at night.

Enlighten Evolution teeth whitening

This treatment produces a faster at-home result and has the added benefit of very low sensitivity.

It is important to remember that each method brings varied results, depending on the existing condition of your teeth, how much discolouration there is and what the cause of the discolouration is.

It can take up to five weeks to see a difference from the home whitening methods and it is also advised that you don’t eat certain foods such as tea, coffee and red wine, during or immediately after the treatment.

Make sure that you consult us before under taking teeth whitening in North London, so we can guide and advise you on how to carry out the treatment safely and be sure that it is appropriate for your teeth and gums.

A new smile could be closer than you think!

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